Lee EmCee MixTape 2010

by Lee EmCee

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    Stories involving experiences throughout Lee's life, strong subject matter that many can relate.




released October 28, 2010



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Lee EmCee Brisbane, Australia

Jeames Williams, aka Lee EmCee, was born to Brisbane in 1989. Music has been a major influence throughout his life. Lee started writing music in 2005, & released his first MixTape in 2010. Working on projects throughout Australia, UK & USA - the 2nd MixTape "Heads Up, Pen Down" was released AUG 2013. Lee has begun work on his next project. ... more

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Track Name: Brisbane Streets
Verse 1:
The city that I live i couldnt of picked a better place,
theres just no other land format that could replace,
my home is home & i never wanna leave,
i will leave one day to travel the seven seas,
but ill return back home just to feel the breeze,
walkin through, brisbane streets brings me many memories,
for these streets, is the place in which i was raised,
running amuck not giving a fuck like everyday,
the cans would spray, yea graffiti was our mark,
after dark travelling we'd take shortcuts through the park,
drinkin at the skate park, we be busting some raps,
not giving a fuck about the cops & thats a fact,
but still aint nuthin changed im the same old cat,
maybe the only thing changed is i got better at rap.
I Remember back in the days at Kelvin Grove,
so many rules that i broke but its the decision i chose,
wagging class to bust raps and develop my flow,
never knowing that today id still be on the move to go,
& do a show, i dont know i cant make up my mind,
i just sit at home smoke a spliff, & write some rhymes,
my lyrics get attention just as if its a sign,
i rep brisbane north to south up & down the train line.

Break: (1 bar)

Verse 2:
Now brissie like all places has ur local gangs n crews,
i was apart of that when i was younger and confused,
i was easily influenced soon enough in the blues,
to leave it all behind was a hard decision to choose.
So many different faces in brisbane which reside,
so many places, filled with different races aside,
living amongst each other as if everything was fine,
but everything is not it dont take an idiot to find,
the flaws n cracks, in the government system,
im sick of the politics in this country that keep bitching,
that keep ditching issues when instead they should just listen,
its like they need to reach a point but its the point there missing.
Im always listening, the streets tears are glistening,
for the cats that fell back we'll forever be missing them,
never be dissing them, for the blood runs deep,
brisbane streets ya better acknowledge the beef,
everybody trying to be better than someone they meet,
searching for certainty certainly this cant be breeched.
One day reached, an then you discover your path,
you never settle for 2nd best you'll never be last,
look at how far you've come just to get where you are,
once ya there though ya cant return back to ya past.
Track Name: Expectations
Verse 1:
All the expectations that were suppose to reach,
laid down by the higher power expressed through speech,
life lessons are taught by teachers who teach each,
individuals about success but some will breech,
friends are influences and can lead u down,
the wrong path, friends can make u act like a clown,
but if ur not down then ur not wanted & not found,
kinda like sadaam the day before he bombed a town.
the Underground, the place for the unwanted,
the uninvited and for the ones not genred,
im genred, my name in bold letters & there fonted,
the reason why im underground is cos im not sponsered.
Im honoured, for when its criticised when i publicise,
people feel my lyrics my lyrics are about my life,
even if some relate to certain parts its my life,
not your life just a coincidence no suprise.
Lyrics dont lie, why would i when its put pen to pape,
i release my deepest darkest secrets & record to tape,
before my pay-day this industry needs to be re-shaped,
before i can be placed on stage next to my mates.
For today, i will live as if this day was my last,
i live everyday thinking about the future not the past,
for thinking about the past will bring u down real fast,
concentrate on the good not the bad and ull be enlarged,
& charged, with the bright light side of ur being,
for the eyes watching down is forever all-seeing,
watching day turn to night your eyes are closed now sleeping,
thats why when we sleep if we do good were dreaming.
Not screaming, waking up the cause a night mare,
when were bad thats what we get to remind us someones there,
watching over us and our decisions are guided bare,
we question if gods our guide or if anybody cares.

Break: *2 Bars*

Verse 2:
One question, will you take the leap of faith,
in order to gain ones perspective in life & train,
your mind to find a way to succumb to the pain,
a fragment in the brain is placed under some strain.
Never again, will greed take over my mind,
never, will i let greed take part of my time,
never again, will greed take over my rhymes,
never, will i let greed be apart of my life.
For the root of all evil we all know is greed,
money empowers everything so its dollars we need,
in order to go places or travel the seven seas,
no matter where we are theres still a currency.
& currently, im not one to be loaded with the cash,
im still the one searching for a job & smokin the stash,
i dont promote drugs but my past can track back,
many mistakes i partaked can cause flashbacks.
With a backpack, sitting down at the parkbench,
headphones on hands around the pen i clenched,
i spent hours on end my thoughts to lyrics with a pen,
i dont die like a trend i will die when im trenched.
But ill be remembered for the pain ive experienced....
Track Name: A Million Eyes
Cradle me with southern skies,
and watch me with a million eyes

Verse 1:
I reside in a place under the southern skies,
actions ive taken have been judged by a million eyes,
critics that criticise for media to publicise,
media tells stories based on a million lies.
For the hype,---- you get paid to lie & nothing from the truth,
Except a pat on the back or just a thank you,
but sometimes thanks is never enough,
why say thanks now when you never gave a fuck!
It sucks, people only want you when your there,
they dont care about who, what, why, when and where!
Its not fair, they want what you have & what you can share,
it can put a strain on friendships cos u feel they dont care.
So beware,---- a million eyes can tell a million lies,
although everybody has the right to speak there mind,
sometimes, freedom of speech can be abused,
& your the only person with the decision to choose,
amongst wrong from right & the direction to move,
do onto others as you would have them do onto you,
the truth is most use lies to get by,
so u cant trust a person till you've seen through there eyes.

Cradle me with southern skies,
and watch me with a million eyes

Verse 2:
I still reside in a place under the southern skies,
actions ive taken have been judged by a million eyes,
all the times tried but they were failed not wasted,
it was like serving some food & its not being tasted,
like a paste mistakes seem to stick like glue,
do you try again or remain number 2,
id rather try for 1st instead of left confused,
why not be what you want just dont abuse the mood,
for being rude, will in fact make matters worse,
why would you want to curse your place of birth,
for earth is a planet that we destroy each day,
just another decision formed by the human way,
portrayed with a million stars above our skies,
the stars represent the twinkle in our eyes,
a million eyes gleam away a million lies,
will you question your wrongs & try fix to right.

Cradle me with southern skies,
and watch me with a million eyes
Track Name: Define My Name
Verse 1:
Before I was born I was already given a name,
that name was Jeames I was born to brisbane,
at that stage in life theres nothing to explain,
so lets skip a few years to when i felt pain.
A family strain, mum and dad were having fights,
couldnt go to sleep I had to sleep with the bed light,
on, wouldnt close my eyes without a lullaby song,
neither's in the right but my mum was in the wrong,
love for the long, but it was love for the short,
bottled up inside caved in memories of thought,
but i thought, of all the life lessons ive been taught,
i was taught to fight for what you love until the loves been brought,
all that was brought was pain & tears,
just wishing for the rain to wash away all your fears,
memories are faded, they've been smudged and smeared,
judged & cleared....

Verse 2:
What defines my name? Is it whom I associate,
or is it the way you lead your life destined by fate,
To define one person is a way to discriminate,
appreciate what you got dont terminate,
illiminate the problem by finding the source,
life's like the olympics a challenging course,
but im the sort that if i want something ill aquire,
enquire on the dream then chase your desire,
persistance is the key, the fuel for the fire,
procrastination wont take you anywhere higher.
On a flyer, one day my face will be displayed,
Lee EmCee in bold letters promoting my name.

Verse 3:
What defines a name when were stereotyped,
the way people dress or act will determine your type,
but who has the right to catorgorise,
we all have the right to lead our own life!
Acts acted out can also give you a label,
if you cant live up to your word your just not able,
your not stable, your about to tumble,
like the roman ruins your about to crumble,
Causing trouble, as a rebellious teen,
influences introduced me to the rap scene,
persistance is getting me closer to my dream,
when dreams turn reality then define me!
Some are given nicknames as a way to define,
Like its really hard to read some letters between the lines,
Thats how my nickname was forced into my life,
I guess im lucky LeeBoy is a common rhyme.
When its your time & you've got there attention,
your dreams have been reached so release the tension,
you could happily retire, live off the pension,
but i thought that matter i wouldnt have to mention.
In One sentence, id have people in hysterics,
they relate to what i say cos what i say is authentic,
its generic, every name has its own meaning,
so why do some think its ok to be demeaning,
In need of cleaning some aspects need to be swept,
under the rug but still some need to be kept,
to define my name this understanding must be met,
Dont make me out to look any less then the best.
Track Name: Situations
Its these different situations day to day we be facing,
embracing the good the bad we be erasing.
different situations day to day we be facing,
creating situations on a daily basis. (x2)

Verse 1:
Celebration is great, for the mood to elevate,
to dedicate time to achieve the heavyweight,
place for purpose for ideas to conjugate,
self educate, i demonstrate the ability to reinstate.
let me reiterate...Fact or Fiction,
to me raps like crack, an addiction,
a trapped restrictment by the act of conviction,
attacked, confliction of the abstract contradiciton ,
tracked predictions...situations will coincide,
with one another simularities will arise,
admirations a sensation when implied,
temptation leads to frustration when denied,
desperation leads to isolation,
these situations are my motivation,
association by collaboration.
an animation is what this worlds like,
cos we all prefer another persons life then our struggle to fight,,
everybody's there own charecter in there story of life...
My story of life, lyricised in excessive detail,
my flow is delivered with an expressive avail,
ill never fail, disregard the negative,
im a mellow man like when placed under sedative,
scarred by the grieving, suicide or live?
charred all the feelings, forget or forgive?

Its these different situations day to day we be facing,
embracing the good the bad we be erasing.
different situations day to day we be facing,
creating situations on a daily basis. (x2)
Track Name: Don't You Hate The Moment
Verse 1:
Dont you hate the moment when you fall to your knees?
& feel like you amount to shit and everybody can see,
the truth behind eyes, the lies cant hide they breach,
you cant escape the consequences of a negative speech.
Dont you hate the moment when you feel close to the edge?
& you feel like theres nothing left ur one step from death,
lowest point in life, lifes such a mess,
lifes a road that we continue to travel nevertheless.
Dont you hate the moment when ya lose ya job,
& feel financially unstable ur worlds just stopped,
its cuttin back time, on fine wines and smokin pot,
time to buy what you need its not a matter of what you want!
Dont you hate the moment when you lose a mate,
& feel like theres no one else who could fill the plate,
remember all the times, that we use to chill at my place,
these are the moments that i hope to never have taken away.

Verse 2:
Dont you hate the moment when this life seems dim,
& you feel like no matter how much it lights up lifes grim,
livin a negative life, negativity wins,
positivity can change the way ur livin ur life to the end.
Dont you hate the moment when all else fails,
& feel like theres no one to turn to & that everyones bailed,
thoughts of dislike, created through betrayel,
friends are there to depend on but what about when that fails?
Dont you hate the moment when ya lose a girl?
& you feel like theres no other to complete ya world,
memories will remind, the mind of times unfurled,
will there ever be a time where i can love another girl?
Dont you hate the moment when your told what you love,
isnt something you should follow and that you should give up,
what a bunch of lies! ill follow my life & ill live it up,
im livin life to the fullest & ill never be giving up!
Track Name: Love Letter
Verse 1:
This is my love letter & its all about love,
its this feeling that we feel growing between us,
for some souls can get love confused with lust,
but love means two together like the turtle doves.
Trust, is a must its a part of the flavour,
without that ingredient nothing can save ya,
loves a chemical bond running through nature,
to deny that is to deny your savour,
she made ya, complete from the first kiss on ur cheek,
like shes the last piece to the puzzle now your complete,
it can take some a lifetime to find the last piece,
when its finally found u can now rest in peace.

Verse 2:
This is my love letter so id like to include,
loves a magical feeling its a magical mood,
feel it through your body as it empowers you,
when you hear it through her lips "i love you".
One to choose, it all starts with a date,
try not to think of past relationships as a waste,
even if they went wrong it wasnt a mistake,
because it got you the girl that you love today!
Were fond, of each other the affection can smother,
but if there was no affection then why would ya bother,
introduced to lil brother at the same time ya mother,
its all in the open theres no girl id rather.
No other, could i see the same way through my eyes,
whilst im with you theres no betrayel no lies,
when betrayed some will break down and cry,
forgive not forget's a reason love can die.

Verse 3:
This is a love letter filled with so many words,
its hard to find the right adjectives & verbs,
to rhyme in time for my speech to be heard,
im sick of waiting in line im next its my turn,
Ive earnt, the right to be able to speak what i like,
writing this rhyme between lines soon enough u will find,
the reason behind this lyrical mastermind,
spiritually, lyrically passing through the afterlife,
Ive sacrificed, much in life in order to achieve,
completing goals open gates through my journey,
lessons will be taught its are purpose to be learning,
do u live to work or do u work to be earning,
ur searching, love what you have & what your given,
life without love is like an uncompleted mission,
losing a love is like getting locked in a prison,
feelin all alone even though alone you isnt.
Nearly finished, no gimmicks this is straight from the heart,
its a love letter that can be played again from the start,
your apart of the moment watch present turn to past,
time ticks away the seconds & the seconds count fast.
All i ask, is to count the times in which there's worth,
life & love are full of kodac moments on all earth,
you only now understand after the 3rd verse,
this love letters complete let the love be heard.